Canaan is More Than a Bookshop
View your local Christian bookshop as a resource centre. Christian bookshops offer a selection of Bibles, books, cards, CDs, DVDs, gifts and teaching materials. Canaan also offers a counselling service for the local community. Christian bookshops offer the opportunity to browse, handle and compare books and so make an informed decision before buying. People who do not use the Internet would be at a particular disadvantage if they lost this facility.

A Street Ministry
There are many opportunities for bookshop staff to minister to people’s emotional and spiritual needs and pray with them. Some Christians need an opportunity to share burdens with somebody who is not a member of their own church or their immediate circle of friends. Bookshops offer a place where people find a listening ear in times of difficulty and stress. These are opportunities to help members of the public at times of need or when they are starting to enquire about the Christian faith.

A Mission Opportunity
Many churches pray and give financial support for mission at home and overseas but do not recognise the self-financing mission in their own High Street. Christian bookshops are an extension to local church mission with opportunities to reach out to people who may not be touched by other means. Not only does a Christian bookshop represent a Christian presence on the High Street, the shop window itself offers an opportunity to convey the good news of Jesus. The needs of the world and of individuals are still, we believe, met by the message of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Open When Churches Are Closed
Most Christian bookshops are open eight hours a day, six days a week, at times when people are shopping or going about their daily business. Most churches are closed at such times.

To help keep Canaan open on the High Street six days a week, please do:

Shop at Canaan

Many people seek out Fair-trade goods and are prepared to pay a little bit extra for them. Why not take the same approach to Christian books rather than support secular on-line retailers?

  • Buy your books, music, greeting cards, gifts and fair trade products from Canaan.
  • If we don’t have an item in stock, we can order for you.
  • Come and use our coffee area (a cup of coffee is only £1).
  • Purchase Canaan gift vouchers for family and friends (available as £5 and £10).

Pray for Canaan

We are a front-line ministry; please pray for us as for other missionaries and mission organisations

  • Please pray for wisdom, blessing and strength for the trustees and workers at Canaan.
  • Please pray for financial provision.
  • Please pray for opportunities to bless and serve the local community and churches.
  • Please pray for greater awareness of Canaan’s many ministries across the churches.
  • Please pray for more supporters, volunteers/workers and prayer partners.

Become a Friend of Canaan

Although we sell our resources, we remain reliant on our Friends of Canaan to support us with their prayers and giving. We ask you to help us to continue making a difference to people’s lives by becoming a Friend of Canaan today. New Friends will receive the following:

  • Welcome pack of resources containing a range of books, CDs, DVDs and a prayer diary worth up to £25.
  • 10% discount card off all purchases at Canaan (excludes any other special offers).
  • Free entry to Canaan event during the first 12 months, up to the value of £10.
  • Regular newsletter keeping you up-to-date.
  • Invitation to special Friends of Canaan events.
  • Promote Canaan

  • Support Canaan by Placing Good Books in Your Community.
  • Promote our bookshop on your church website.
  • Promote Canaan goods within your church, especially at seasonal periods of the year e.g. Easter eggs, Christmas cards, Baptisms, Youth events.
  • Promote Books

    A church bookstall that is well run with the support of your church leadership is a life-giving ministry that will help church members grow and share their faith.

    • Canaan will provide books on a sale-or-return basis with a small discount on all sales.
    • Unsold books are to be returned within 6-8 weeks in the same condition as borrowed.
    • A bookstall can be run regularly or occasionally for major events at your church e.g. visiting speaker, youth events.
    • Stock books that align with your church’s teaching series and cater for all levels of Christian maturity.


    • You can now donate to Canaan online for free (one off or regular giving)