Have you ever walked into your local library and picked out a good, relevant Christian book? Has your child ever brought a Bible storybook home to read from the school library? What about your church? Do you have a book you can lend a visitor to inspire them with faith or help them through a difficult time? Does your toddler group have some attractive board Bible storybooks to share with the tots?

The answer to all these questions could be a resounding ‘yes’ with the help of Speaking Volumes.speakingVolumes.org.uk

Speaking Volumes is a scheme run by a charitable trust that match-funds your purchase of Christian books provided the books are for lending to a wide readership and that they are chosen from the Speaking Volumes’ range of recommended titles. In other words, they are for giving to libraries in local communities so that everyone can benefit from them – not just Christians! That means public libraries, schools, prisons, hospices, care homes, toddler groups…

Using the scheme is easy: anyone can take advantage of it, from Churches Together groups to individuals or librarians themselves:

  • Ensure that your chosen library is happy to receive your gift. Agree with them what they would like from the Speaking Volumes catalogue, which is available in our shop or view on the Speaking Volumes website. DVDs and audio books are also included in the scheme.
  • Place your order with Canaan and pay only 50% of the retail price (as indicated by Speaking Volumes). You can also add to your order free book protectors, book plates and promotional bookmarks.
  • When you’ve collected your order from Canaan, you will just need to complete and attach the book plates and put on the protectors.
  • Finally, present your books to your chosen library.

Even Amazon can’t beat Speaking Volumes’ 50% discount – which is great news for you. Plus, Christian bookshops, like Canaan, do not lose out as Speaking Volumes refunds the outstanding cost to us.

Make His word prosper in your community with a gift of Christian books today. You never know whose life it might change.