My trip to Ghana this year was different. Firstly I went for 6 weeks as opposed to 2 and secondly I went on my own.
It was an exciting time launching out into new areas of ministry and meeting new churches and people, as well as seeing different parts of Ghana.
My time was taken up by speaking at the Shiloh Bible Training College for Pastors, Shiloh Church, other churches, doing some evangelistic preaching in villages, visiting our sponsored children and praying with and talking to different visitors to my flat.
It is very encouraging seeing the openess to the Gospel in Ghana and the growth of the churches. Because this was my 6th visit to Kumasi I have established some good friendships and this has provided even more opportunities for ministry for which I thank God.

At the end of my time, I was joined by one of our trustees, Norman Head, for a trip to the North of the country which was an enjoyable experience driving many hundreds of miles through a game reserve and along the border with Burkina Faso.

Thank you to all those who prayed for and supported me on this trip. If you want to know more or have an illustrated talk for your church or group please let me know.

Andy Gilmour



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